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  • Game #1

    Its been while since last post, some post still on my draft but since [hastag]homestay and police rally on the city to call to "stay home and dont infect the other".

  • Installing Alpine Linux

    I'm using Debian Stable for almost 2 years ago, because this work out-of-box. I'm tried other distribution before like Ubuntu, Arch Linux and also NixOS, but still I came back to Debian when I always screw up something and Internet doesn't solve my problem.


    Everyone has suffered annoying moment when see reCAPTCHA coming on form. Often, the captcha can be very frustrating and waste of time.

  • Pikiran dan Hati

    Memulai sesuatu itu terkadang menjadi sukar dijelaskan, terlebih alasan saraf otak yang mengirim sinyal kepada tubuh untuk tidak menerima pendapat dari keinginan tersebut. Bahkan terkadang mencari solusi seperti berjalan-jalan atau mencari insipirasi tidak memberi pengaruh yang cukup untuk mengerakan keinginan.


Dani Pragustia

Clerk Typist Programmer, Messing around with something I find intresting.

I using sourcehut for mostly time.

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