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  • In praise of Redmi 3

    This article written using markor on Redmi 3 Pro Its almost 2 years since last article write on this blog, hopefully I can do status update on here for next time. On my about page I said using Redmi 3 as my media center and nothing change until now and today is hit 4 years using this phone.

  • Email and why this matter?

    Email its important thing even you often use it, not like other protocol communication email is more reliable for many things besides send the mail.

  • First Glance Thinkpad X200

    Recently I stumble on internet to looking laptop was specialize for people which like tend to “break” something, and my heart choosing Thinkpad X200.

  • Game #1

    Its been while since last post, some post still on my draft but since [hastag]homestay and police rally on the city to call to “stay home and dont infect the other”.

  • Installing Alpine Linux

    I’m using Debian Stable for almost 2 years ago, because this work out-of-box. I’m tried other distribution before like Ubuntu, Arch Linux and also NixOS, but still I came back to Debian when I always screw up something and Internet doesn’t solve my problem.

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